Dogs Trust, the UK's largest dog welfare charity, cares for dogs of all shapes and sizes yet in recent years it hasn't gone unnoticed the scales are going higher and higher.

In today's news a previously underweight dog is now at the other end of the scale and is on a diet and exercise plan in a bid to wave goodbye to some unwanted pounds. This is very similar to a portly pooch who recently arrived at Dogs Trust Basildon. Buddy the Malamute  was tipping the scales at 10 stone four pounds; the equivalent of Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik and double his recommended weight. 

We all enjoy treating our canine chums to something special every now and then, but Dogs Trust Basildon Deputy Manager, Lisa Cooper reminds us that the emphasis is on keeping this to an occasional addition to any diet:

“We’re all tempted to share our meals and lavish treats on our dogs, but it is vital to remember that they are not designed for their sensitive tummies and should only be offered as part of a controlled diet. Treats shouldn’t be a regular occurrence and your pet’s regular diets/meals should be altered accordingly. If you do notice your dog putting on a few extra pounds we’d recommend seeking your vet’s advice and potentially up their exercise or cutting back on the size of their portions, something Buddy will be seeing happen as we’re putting him straight on a calorie controlled diet and easing him back into regular exercise.”

Buddy will soon be heading off to his new home, but will be continuing his calorie controlled diet and exercise plan in a bid to lose all those extra pounds.