Dogs Trust, the UK's largest dog welfare charity is reminding everyone to get their dog microchipped by 6th April after it has been claimed that more than 100,000 stolen or stray dogs are picked up from the streets every year.

Dogs Trust's annual Stray Dog Survey also revealed that 5,142 stray dogs were put to sleep by UK Local Authorities between 2014 and 2015, that’s one dog every two hours.

However, the work of local authority dog wardens and charities like Dogs Trust is having a huge impact. Across the UK, 54,767 stray dogs were reunited with their owners. The charity is hopeful that this number will continue to grow as it will be a legal requirement to microchip your dog, and ensure your details are up to date by 6th April 2016 across England, Scotland and Wales. 

Dogs Trust has long campaigned for this change in law as a microchip ensures dog owners are traceable and increases the chance of being reunited with your pet should it go missing.

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