We love this story about these adorable rescue dogs taking on the role of ball boys for the Brazil Open.

Dogs Trust knows just how important ball games can be for a dog's socialisation and last year, we teamed up with British tennis stars Heather Watson and Laura Robson to create this sweet video of our four-legged residents enjoying some fun on the court!

With their speed, precision and unwavering enthusiasm, Dogs Trust’s furry contenders proved they are ‘ace’ when it comes to playing ball games and there are thousands of homeless hounds, just like them at our 20 rehoming centres across the UK, who would love the chance to practise their skills with devoted new owners.

Recall is such an important part of training a dog and fetching and retrieving tennis balls are vital elements of this. Many dogs who end up as strays do so because they haven’t been taught simple techniques which will ensure they come back to their owner when called. Although the video is a bit of fun, training is a huge part of dog ownership and something which, when started from its early life, really makes a difference to the welfare of the dog