Dogs Trust is deeply saddened to read that this poor puppy died so unnecessarily. 

Dogs Trust's investigation into the illegal importation of designer breeds has highlighted a number of Eastern European dealers confessing to buying Irish microchips, as found on this puppy, to fake the animal's country of origin. We suspect this puppy may have fallen victim to this trade and was potentially illegally imported into the country.

This puppy's story is reflective of the plight of so-called designer breeds; corrupt breeders are exploiting the demand and illegally transporting puppies into Great Britain to be sold online. It is possible this puppy was either dumped when a seller realised they couldn't make money on a poorly puppy or dumped by an owner who no longer wanted the responsibility.

This sad case highlights the importance of doing your research and investigating fully where you are buying a puppy from. If the puppy comes with a passport, or you cannot see it with its mother, we urge people to walk away so as not to unwittingly fuel this despicable trade.