The EU Dog & Cat Alliance is working towards the day when moving dogs and cats across borders for rehoming is not necessary anymore.

International rehoming for dogs and cats is a practice which is not sustainable in the long term, as it only provides interim measures rather than addressing the root causes of companion animals living in shelters or being homeless in the country of origin.

Should, however, a situation arise when it is in the animal’s best interest to be rehomed in another country and, after all other domestic options have been exhausted, it is essential that the animal is rehomed legally (in terms of EU legislation, this means following the Balai Directive which governs commercial movements of animals) and that proper disease-testing procedures are followed, ensuring as far as possible that diseases are not moved across borders along with the animal.

However, Alliance members have agreed to concentrate their resources on domestic campaigns aimed at spaying/neutering companion animals, and education of the local population regarding rehoming domestically, thereby tackling the problem at its roots.