In the UK, 24% of all households own a dog and the current UK dog population stands at 8.5million. Whilst we are a nation of dog lovers, there is still a real shortage of suitable pet friendly properties on the market. At Dogs Trust, our Lets with Pets programme offers free and practical advice to landlords and letting agencies to encourage them to introduce sensible and pet friendly policies in their properties. We also provide advice and information to pet owners looking to rent with their pet.

As part of our work, we strongly advise that landlords and letting agencies advertise their properties as ‘pets considered’ where appropriate and make each acceptance decision on a case by case basis. Landlords and letting agencies who exclude pet owners from their properties are missing out on a large share of the rental market as a quarter of households in the UK currently own a pet. At Dog Trust we would like to see wider changes in the property industry to accommodate this section of the market, such as changes to help renters find pet friendly property listings more easily via lettings website and property portals.